To contact the elders as a group:

  • David Cain - Lay Elder

    David and Julia were married in December of 1992 and have been blessed with 7 children over the years. Their family loves to ski, camp, hike, and serve the local church. They joined Stafford Baptist Church in the fall of 2004, and David was installed as an Elder in 2012.

  • Moses Abdallah - Lay Elder

    Moses was saved by the grace of God early in his Air Force career.  Moses met Camille while assigned to McGuire AFB, NJ and they were married in July of 1993 and were blessed with two beautiful children, and now, two wonderful grandchildren.  After 20 years, Moses retired from the military in 2002 and moved to Virginia for work. They started attending Stafford Baptist Church on Easter of 2005, and Moses was installed as an elder in 2017.

  • Elliott Sperlazza - Lay Elder

    Elliott was installed publicly on Sunday, March 17th. Grateful to have Elliott as an elder here at Stafford Baptist. 

    More info to come soon...


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  • Josh List - Deacon of A/V & Tech

    Josh was given the immense blessing of growing up in a home with parents that professed faith in Jesus. By God's grace, he was saved at a young age and grew up participating and serving in the life of the church. Josh and his wife Kara moved to the northern Virginia area in 2009 after having both grown up in the Northeast. They are both New England sports fans and are indoctrinating their sons Cooper and Owen appropriately. 

    They also share a passion for music and for serving the body of Christ in this venue. (1 Pet. 4:10 ) Josh also enjoys writing and recording original music. Josh also serves as the lay worship leader for SBC. 

  • John Hill - Deacon of Safety & Security

    More info to come soon...

  • Frank McKinney - Deacon of Member Care

    More info to come soon...


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  • Paul Abdallah - Vocational Minister of Children & Students

    God graciously saved Paul through faith in Jesus Christ when he was in middle school (while attending SBC!). Paul attended Liberty University and graduated with a Theology & Apologetics degree in 2015. He is now pursuing an MDiv in Discipleship & Family Ministry from Southern Seminary online. Paul is married to his wonderful wife, Tori, and together they have 2 children: a daughter, Lydia and a son, Aaron. Paul has attended Stafford Baptist since 2005 and has been the Vocational Minister of Students and Children since January 2018. 

  • Ken Castle - Buildings & Maintenance

    More info to come soon...