As our nation, state, and county take the necessary precautions in light of COVID-19. We are going to use this page to share some more particular updates about how the virus will impact our life at Stafford Baptist. 

We encourage you to continue look to the CDC website for up to date information. As we all seek to think well about this, we would encourage you to read and meditate on Psalm 90.

Psalm 90:14–15 (ESV)
Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love, 
that we may rejoice and be glad all our days. 
Make us glad for as many days as you have afflicted us, 
and for as many years as we have seen evil.


All public gatherings of Stafford Baptist Church are suspended until further notice. 

This decision is made with confidence of God’s unhindered purposes for our good. This is decision is made in love to our neighbor and in submission to our governing authorities

For more information on how we are moving forward see this video.

See the information below for a detailed look at how we are moving forward in this season.

Lord's Day Worship

In light of our present circumstances we are encouraging the membership of Stafford Baptist to set aside time on the Lord’s Day to pray God’s will, sing God’s truth, and read and hear God’s Word in your homes with your family. Though we will be separated for a season, we are united in the gospel. As a reflection of that unity, we want to hear the same Word from our Father and speak to Him in prayer concerning that Word.

The elders will continue to prepare and provide a weekly Order of Worship, with Scripture readings, hymns, prayer prompts, and links to recorded prayer and sermon. The sermons will be posted online first thing Sunday morning and be available at our YouTube channel, our website, Facebook, and in an email to members. If you have any trouble accessing the Order of Service or any of its elements, or need instruction in how to worship using this guide in your home, please let one of your pastors know.

Our desire is that as we seek the Lord in the absence of meeting together, our love for Christ and one another will increase and we will grow in our anticipation to gather with Christ’s church once again.

PRayer & bible study

Prayer: We will host four virtual prayer meetings per week - Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. These will be open to any and all members of the church. We will read Scripture together, share prayer requests, and praise God and intercede for the church and one another in prayer. These virtual meetings will be hosted on Zoom. You are welcome to attend any or all of them, as you are available:

Mondays at 8AM, hosted by Moses

Tuesdays at 7PM, hosted by Elliott

Thursdays at Noon, hosted by Kelton

Fridays at 3PM, hosted by Paul

Links to these prayer times will be posted on our private Facebook group and emailed to members of the church.

Times are subject to change, so stay tuned!

Bible Study: We will also continue to study God’s Word on Wednesday nights - but now virtually through Zoom. This is an opportunity to corporately stay our minds on who God is and what he promises to us in his Word.

Every Wednesday at 7PM Kelton will be leading us in a line-by-line, participatory, inductive study. The Zoom link will also be emailed out and posted on our Facebook group. The study will also be recorded and later posted on our YouTube channel.

Ways to Pray

We are living through times that haven’t been seen for more than a century: pandemic, changing nearly everything about daily life for people in now 170 nations. 

National, state, and local leaders have been thrust into a situation we couldn’t have imagined a year ago. And yet, none of this takes God by surprise. Isaiah 37:26 tells us of these days:

Have you not heard
that I determined it long ago?
I planned from days of old
what now I bring to pass.

These days were determined by God from before the foundation of the world. And his promise, that “all thing work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose,” (Romans 8:28) is still true. This being true, we ought to pray. 

  • Pray for unity as a church body, though we cannot gather
  • Pray for rich and refreshing times of worship on the Lord’s Day
  • Pray for continued mutual exhortation among members by phone, text, and email
  • Pray for continued wisdom for local and national leaders as they protect us
  • Pray for healing for those who have the virus
  • Pray for gospel opportunities, here and abroad, as our world is sobered in these trials

Kids & Youth

We are also seeking to find ways to continue to equip you as parents to disciple your children. Given the circumstances many of us are at home more with our kids which provides a unique opportunity for discipleship. We have provided resources for parents of children on our website. These will continue to be updated as we go through this season. 

As we seek to equip parents of middle and high school students we will provide a weekly youth study conducted through Zoom. This study is taking place on Monday evenings. We will email a link each week to parents, all middle and high school students are welcome to attend! 

We are also providing a daily devotional email for students and their parents. This email provides a chapter from John’s Gospel, a brief devotional, a few discussion questions and a song to sing. If you would like to be included on that email, please let Paul know

All of these resources are here to seek to equip our parents in this season to do the work of ministry God has given you. We pray that this season in which we have the opportunity to worship as families, would provide a unique time of growth for us and our children.